Check out my 29 Amazon reviews!

Making informed decisions on childbirth

The first 29 Amazon customer reviews are in and the result is 4.4 out of 5 stars!

Update: the associated promotion has now ended. You can still buy my book using the links below and on any other Amazon platform. Please “follow” my blog if you’d like to be informed of the next promotion. logo

Thanks so much to all childbirth enthusiasts who have already posted their review on Amazon!

I am grateful for the overwhelming positive feedback as well as for the pointers to improve my book.

Read on for a selection of reviews or click here to see all reviews on

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Free copy of childbirth book in return for an honest review

Making informed decisions on childbirthWhether you’re simply passionate about natural childbirth or you are pregnant and want to read as many books as possible but it’s getting a bit expensive, read on…

I’m looking for people to review my brand-new book about evidence-based childbirth on Amazon and I’m willing to give you a free kindle copy or a severely discounted hard copy to do so. I welcome both positive and negative feedback.

Update: I’ve received over 180 review requests and have collected 29 reviews so far. Therefore this offer is now closed. Please send me a message if you want to obtain a free copy in order to review the book for a magazine or other published document. Please “follow” this blog if you want to be informed of future promotions or other news regarding my writing.

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