Free copy of childbirth book in return for an honest review

Making informed decisions on childbirthWhether you’re simply passionate about natural childbirth or you are pregnant and want to read as many books as possible but it’s getting a bit expensive, read on…

I’m looking for people to review my brand-new book about evidence-based childbirth on Amazon and I’m willing to give you a free kindle copy or a severely discounted hard copy to do so. I welcome both positive and negative feedback.

Update: I’ve received over 180 review requests and have collected 29 reviews so far. Therefore this offer is now closed. Please send me a message if you want to obtain a free copy in order to review the book for a magazine or other published document. Please “follow” this blog if you want to be informed of future promotions or other news regarding my writing.


This request is in compliance with Amazon guidelines. Please keep in mind that “If you receive a free or discounted product in exchange for your review, you must clearly and conspicuously disclose that fact.” (Amazon review guidelines) In other words: please state that you “received a free copy in return for your honest feedback  (positive as well as negative)” at the end of your review.

Don’t have time to review, but interested in reading the book anyway?

Both kindle and paper versions are available on all Amazon platforms. “Follow” this blog in order to get updates about promotions. logo

Good to know

If you buy the hard copy on Amazon, you can subsequently get the kindle version (with hyperlinks to every single reference) for free.


5 thoughts on “Free copy of childbirth book in return for an honest review

  1. doula51

    I attempted to request to do a review on my phone. I am not accustomed to doing that on my phone so I was not sure it went through. Do I need to finish or redo it on my laptop? Or did you receive it this morning? Thanks:)


      1. doula51

        I apparently forgot that I had requested a review copy back then. I just checked my Kindle on my phone as well as my old Kindle. I did not find it on either device:(


  2. CarlyWhiskin

    My stray finger accidentally hit send before I could finish! I was just trying to explain that a paper version is always awesome as my kindle is elderly, but I don’t want it to preclude me. I can still use my Kindle, it’s just temperamental 😀


    1. Thanks very much for your interest in reviewing my book. I added your ‘temperamental kindle’ info to your form. It will probably take me a few days to respond properly to your request as my inbox is filling up with tremendous speed. I’m not complaining! 😉


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