The paper version is out and the kindle version is discounted!

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To all expecting parents who want to be informed about the most recent research and debate concerning childbirth and newborn care:

hurry and buy this informative book for only 1.99!

Making informed decisions on childbirthing informed decisions on childbirth


This well-researched and accessible book on childbirth and earliest newborn care is aimed at expecting parents who are preparing mentally, emotionally and psychologically for the biggest change in their life. Rather than convincing readers of the author’s personal right (or wrong) way of doing things, the book aims to bring awareness of the issues that might come up during pregnancy and childbirth, open up the discussion and provide some tools of investigation.

Woven together with stories from personal experiences in the U.K., France and Belgium as well as from those of an international group of friends (from the U.S., Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, etc.) the author presents arguments and scientific research independent from current medical practices of any specific country. Despite the technicality of some of the subjects broached, the information is presented in an entertaining, supportive and above all easily understandable way. Two case studies of hospital births are discussed at length and medical practices are judged against the most recent medical research and guidelines.

This book is different from many natural childbirth books because it doesn’t close its eyes to the potential dangers of childbirth. Comparing childbirth practices and statistics in different countries is one of the best ways to open readers’ minds to the fact that obstetric medicine is not an exact science and to show that readers should do their own research instead of blindly following medical authority and the recommendations of their particular midwife or obstetrician.

By example, the author also aims to empower non-specialists to do their own research, find their voice in dealing with medical staff, demand respect, and gain trust in their own abilities. Birth professionals who seek to inform themselves (independently from local obstetric policy) of the latest developments and debates surrounding birth options will find a wealth of information in this book.

Where to get it?

The kindle version is on sale for 1.99$ on on Sunday 29th of May. Every day after that the price goes up by 1$.

For those who buy their books on, the kindle version is on sale for 1.99£ on Monday 30th of May. Every day after that the price goes up by 1£.

If you cannot see the kindle countdown deal, please check your kindle account setting: click Your acountManage your content and devicesSettingsCountry Settings. If you want to buy the kindle book on, you need it set to the U.S. If you want to buy your discounted kindle version on, you need your country to be the U.K.

Both kindle and paper versions are also available on: logo

Good to know

When you buy the paper version on Amazon, you can also buy (at any time) the kindle version (with hyperlinks to every single reference) for just a couple of dollars.


5 thoughts on “The paper version is out and the kindle version is discounted!

    1. My apologies. It doesn’t seem to be working although my kindle account clearly says that the “discount deal” is in progress. I will add a form to enter your email address, so that I can contact you when it’s working. Hopefully this will be soon… Sorry again.


    1. Hi Julia,

      I’m afraid the paper version is not discounted, only the kindle (ebook) version is. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.

      When I login (with my kindle account based in the UK, see instructions at the top of the post), the paper version is priced at 9.01 pounds whereas the kindle version is at 2.99 pounds. The kindle version will remain at this price for another day before it will go up by 1 pound.

      Thanks for your comment and let me know if this is not what you’re seeing.


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