My 1st book’s table of contents

Making informed decisions on childbirth

Here’s the table of contents from my own book on pregnancy and childbirth. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like me to post a certain section in addition to the ones already linked to in this post. You can also download a free sample on Amazon. For those who do not have a kindle, you can download a free kindle application for your computer or tablet.

Making informed decisions on childbirth
One scientist’s international perspective
               by Sofie Vantiers, Ph.D.

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Box 1:    Leonard’s perspective on research and science

CHAPTER 1: Louis, my Easter baby

A natural birth

Box 2:    Doula
Box 3:    Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
Box 4:    Gas and air (entonox)

CHAPTER 2: Pregnancy and birth preparation

A long nine months
Worry is the work of pregnancy

Box 5:    My birth plan

CHAPTER 3: Knowledge is power

Kalina’s birth trauma
Breastfeeding after a traumatic birth

CHAPTER 4: Vanessa’s C-section

A good hospital experience

Box 6:    C-section in advanced labour

Respect does not necessarily mean best care
Internal exams

Box 7:    Internal exams and associated risks

Epidurals and consent forms
Pre-labour Rupture Of Membranes (PROM)

Box 8:    Pre-labour Rupture Of Membranes (PROM) at term
Box 9:    The human microbiome

Group B Streptococcus and infection
What women in labour need

Box 10: The basic needs of labouring women
Box 11:    Leonard’s perspective on adrenaline-oxytocin antagonism

CHAPTER 5: Shared responsibility – two heads are better than one

Humans make mistakes

Box 12:    Group B Streptococcus (GBS)
Box 13:    Leonard’s perspective on birth preparation

CHAPTER 6: Gestation time

Induction and augmentation of labour

Box 14:    Leonard’s perspective on induction of labour
Box 15:    Various induction and labour augmentation practices

Contraindications for induction: previous C-section
Medical indications for induction

Box 16:    To induce or not?

Protocol and policy

CHAPTER 7: Medicalisation and control of birth and pregnancy

Interventions and their consequences
C-section and its optimal rates

CHAPTER 8: The mother over 35

Early diagnosis of Down syndrome
Choices and pressures

CHAPTER 9: Ultrasound, Doppler and heartbeat monitors

Thermal and mechanical effects
Selective, routine and non-medical ultrasound
An informed decision

Box 17:    Leonard’s perspective on ultrasound scans


CHAPTER 10: Labour pain

Giving birth as a rite of passage

Box 18:    Leonard’s perspective on bringing a child into this world

Women’s work
The need for control

Box 19:    Episiotomy

CHAPTER 11: Maternal and neonatal outcome

Statistics of childbirth

Box 20:    Puerperal or childbed fever

Midwives and home births
Evolution of our birthing capabilities

Box 21:    Epigenetics and the evolution of our oxytocin system

CHAPTER 12: How to avoid (unnecessary) intervention?

Home births and birth centres
Baby and mother friendly hospitals

Box 22:    Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI)

Hospitals with low intervention statistics

Box 23:    Unassisted childbirth or freebirth: a word of caution

Birth plans, birth companions and labour tricks

Box 24:    Leonard’s perspective on preparing to be a birth partner

Assertiveness training

CHAPTER 13: The baby’s born, now what?

Louis, continued

Box 25:    Vernix: a natural moisturiser and cleaner
Box 26:    Meconium-Stained Amniotic Fluid (MSAF)

Third stage of labour

Box 27:    Active management of the third stage of labour

CHAPTER 14: Separation

Umbilical separation

Box 28:    Male circumcision
Box 29:    Leonard’s perspective on circumcision

Vitamin K

Box 30:    Prevention of Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding (VKDB) or Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn (HDN)

CHAPTER 15: A newborn’s basic needs

Transnatal continuity

Box 31:    Leonard’s perspective on breastfeeding for pain relief

The importance of early skin-to-skin

Box 32:    Early Skin-to-Skin Contact (SSC) and Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)

A newborn’s social needs

Box 33:    Leonard’s perspective on social interaction with babies

Epilogue on attachment
References and notes


Making informed decisions on childbirth

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Making informed decisions on childbirth
One scientist’s international perspective
               by Sofie Vantiers, Ph.D.

available on: logo logo

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